There is something more fundamental than mathematics which underpins every subject, from the social sciences to the sciences. It can identify the difference between good and bad. It can describe social interactions, physics, mathematics… pretty much everything. It sounds too good to be true. Something so simple, that it is found everywhere. Yet not formally identified.

I call it ‘Connectivity’ and it is definitely true. The axiom or premise which is fundamental to Connectivity is that everything is made up of one or more connections through a number of dimensions.

Connections are found in everything. At nano scales, atoms and molecules connect things together, at larger scales planets are connected by gravity. In our day to day lives, connections are everywhere. Roads, the internet, mobile phones, powerlines. All these things are connections, they stick things together in order for the everything to function.

Connectivity can answer many questions in philosophy including:

  • What is good and bad?
  • What is experience?
  • What makes X different from Y?
  • What is X?

Connectivity is an identification theory. It can identify the difference between two things. Since it can quickly identify anything, it is more fundamental than mathematics. Some may argue that Connectivity is a part of Mathematics.

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