The simplest form of connection is a circle. You can imagine a circle being a ‘connection‘ connected to itself. The stronger the connection, the larger the circle.

There are three properties which connections have:

  • Energy.
  • Weight.
  • Peers.

Connections have energy, a simple way to think of the energy of a connection is that it is the same as the size or strength of the connection. The circle’s size is determined by it’s energy.

Connections can be biased or one-way. The behaviour of a connection is to exchange energy with other connections. When this exchange is balanced the connection is stable. When there is more taking on one side of a connection, this is an unstable unbalanced connection. This does not mean that energy exchange has to be simultaneous, a balanced connection can be made from two unbalanced connections exchanging at different times.

Each connection has a number of connections which the connection is ‘connected’ to, these are the peers of the connections. A connection must have at least one peer.

Everything can be modelled by connections with these properties. For evidence of this, consider a brain. They consist of connections. Our brains are able to model everything that we can experience. Therefore connections can model everything.

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