When you play a map with this game a glass wall is created which is 200x200 blocks around the center of the map, it is an indestructable wall and players will always spawn inside the arena. There are also chests scattered randomly around the arena which contain useful weapons and items. When you die you drop all you items and start spectating. After three minutes you get hungry and start starving.


hungry_games, glass_arena, spawning, random chests and dead_drop mods:
License: GPLv2/later
Textures: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Please see other mod pages for info on there respective license’s:
(minor modifications have been made to some of these mods)
Snow Biomes (GPLv2/later)
Farming (WTFPL)
Throwing (WTFPL)
Drowning (CC-BY-SA)
Minetest Game (LGPLv2)
Minecraft like item drop/pick up (WTFPL)
Survival ModPack (BSD 2 Clause)
Item Features (WTFPL)
Inventory Plus (GPLv3)
minetest-3d_armor (GPL v3)

Feel free to add sugestions on this topic and/or create a pull request at:

Known Bugs: * Very rarely there might be a hole in the wall where players might escape

Please help report bugs as this is in beta at the moment.

Download: 0.4

Older Versions: 0.3

(you will probably also need a map)

Installing: This needs to go into your minetest games folder as it is NOT a mod. The maps go in your minetest worlds folder.

Compatible Mods: Factions (LGPL)

Chat Commands:

/hg restart/start --starts the match
/hg stop --stops the match
/hg set spawn --sets where players respawn on death
/hg set lobby --sets where the players spawn when they join
/hg set player_# --set where players start the match, replace # with number (must be set in order to play a match)

hg_maker: (note after getting this priv you must logout/login to the server to get creative inventory)
/build --grants interact/fly and fast privilege

/vote --vote to start the match
/register --register to take part in the next match


Download maps:
(A default map for up to 11 players) Halloween
(A Halloween map for up to 19 players)

When hosting a hungry games server please edit the hungry_games mod for configuring the game, this is the hungry_games/init.lua file. The file is meant to document itself but if you need help understanding the configuration just ask.

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