This is a Digimon mod for Wesnoth. Train all the digimon partners from the 1st and 2nd season. Battle it out and digivolve as you gain XP.

If you don’t have Wesnoth yet, you can get it here:

You will need to extract the zip and put the ‘Digimon’ folder in your ‘add-ons’ folder.

Add-ons location:
Windows 2000/XP:

    My Documents\My Games\Wesnoth<version>\data\add-ons

Windows Vista/7/8/10:

    Documents\My Games\Wesnoth<version>\data\add-ons  

Mac OS:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Wesnoth_<version>/data/add-ons  



How to play:
Start wesnoth and click on multiplayer, you can play online with the Digimon Mod but everyone needs a copy of the mod. If you want to test the mod, click on Local Game. Select one of the 2p maps (Two player). Select one of the Digimon Era’s from the scrollbox.

Default + Digimon
Play with digimon and ordinary wesnoth units.

Heroes + Digimon
Play with digimon with Ultimates as your king and ordinary units.

Digimon Legends
Play with Mega digimon as your king.

Digimon Story (May not work online)
You can only recruit digieggs.

Click ‘next’ and the map settings screen will display, You can modify the experience modifier so your digimon will digivolve faster. The lower the percentage, the faster they will digivolve.
Click ‘ok’.
Here you can adjust who is playing, you can set computer players or local players (hotseat). You can change the faction of each player, here you can find the digimon factions. You can choose a leader for each player from the faction you have chosen. When you are happy with the settings click ‘I’m Ready’.

You are in the game now! Press Ctrl+R to open the recruit menu, here you can choose the units that you would like to create. You can move units around by clicking on them and clicking where you want them to move. To attack, click on the unit you would like to attack with and then click on an enemy. A screen will pop up asking which attack you would like to use. The game is turn based, so remember to end your turn after you have used all your units. Defeat the opponents king to win!

License: GPLv2/later (code)

Download: 0.6

Older versions: 0.5, 0.4

Fixes for wesnoth 1.12
Added 2nd season digimon.

Problems? Questions? Please leave a comment below!

All digimon characters, graphics, and other materials are property of their original creators and copyright holders, and are provided here for private educational non-commercial use.

I respect the original creator’s and copyright holder’s right to request the removal of this mod at any time.

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